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Diane is in her eighth year of working for the school.  She brings many years of working in business and lots of experience of being involved in local fundraising events.  Diane loves working with the staff and kids here but her main reason for wanting to work at the Yaak School is that she herself attended a one room school and her son attended the Yaak School.  Everyone agrees that without Diane, this school would not be able to operate. A school clerk is an integral part of our ability to continue to serve this remote, rural valley and Diane does her job with enthusiasm.  She says, “The thing I like most about working as the school clerk is knowing that I have helped our valley be a place that families with children can move to and have a great place for their children to get an education!”  When Diane is not behind her desk at the school you will probably find her with her husband, Bill, with fishing poles in hand.

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