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News from the Yaak School Green Team!

Our seeds have arrived! The Yaak School Green Team is excited to get our hands in the soil in a few short weeks. We are so grateful for the donation from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds that will provide tomatoes, beans, melons, and peppers. We have also ordered many other seeds including, celery, broccoli, eggplant, pumpkin, cabbage, leeks, many various herbs and flowers, just to name a few. We are so pleased to be able to provide a wide variety of organic vegetable, herb, flower and fruit starts for the community mid to late May, weather permitting. Also, our composting worms have arrived just today and are already busy in our new composting factory making rich castings to add to our soil. We are hoping to be able to provide the community with worms if their population grows well in the next few months.

Elizabeth Vick, Project Director

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