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Regular Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting



Regular Meeting Yaak School Board of Trustees

3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

At the Yaak School, 29893 Yaak River Rd, Troy, MT  59935

Clerk Office (406) 295-9311

Call Meeting To Order:

Recognition of Visitors:

Approval of minutes:  February 21, 2018 Regular Meeting

Continuing Business:

Maintenance Report

Technology Committee Report

E-Rate Update

Curriculum Committee Report

Old Business:              Trustee Election Update-Close of Registration Notice

New Business:            Non Voted Levy Resolution

                                    Review FY2018 Preliminary General Fund Budget Data Sheets

Clerk’s Report & Expenditures:

Clerk’s Report

February Financials

March to Date Expenditures

Policy Review:

New Policy Second Reading:

4350 – Website Accessibility and Nondiscrimination

5220 – Prohibition on Aiding Sexual Abuse

Old Policy Rotational Review:

1400 – Board Meetings

1420 – School Board Meeting Procedure

1420F – Notice Regarding Public Comment

1441 – Audience Participation

1513 – Management Rights

1610 – Annual Goals and Objectives

1610P – District Mission Statement and Philosophy of Education

1700 – Uniform Complaint Procedure

1700F – Uniform Grievance Form

Teachers Report:

Spring Cleaning List

Rendezvous Update

Public Comment:

Next Meeting:             April 18, 2018



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