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Resolution Calling for School Election


Regular School Election


BE IT RESOLVED, the Board of Trustees for School District No. 24, Lincoln County, State of Montana, will hold the Annual Regular School Election on Tuesday, the 8th day of May, 2018, which date is not less than seventy (70) days after the passage of this resolution.

The election will be conducted by:

☒ Mail Ballot

The purpose of the election is to elect one (1) trustee for a three-year term.

If it is later determined that any portion of the election is not required, the Board of Trustees authorizes Diane Downey, election administrator, to cancel that portion of the election in accordance with 13-1-304 and 20-3-313, MCA.

The following voting locations will be used for the election and the three electors of this district who are qualified to vote at such election are hereby appointed to act as judges at the election at each voting place as follows:

Voting Location and Address:  Yaak School, 29893 Yaak River Rd., Troy, MT 59935

Election Judge                                                           Address

  1. Terri Nussbaum
  2. Jane Kelly
  3. Mary Loney

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the clerk of this school district is hereby directed to notify the above named election judges of their appointment and to notify the county election administrator of the date of holding said election, and request the clerk to close regular registration and to prepare and furnish election materials as required by law.   If any of these judges should not be able to serve, the election administrator will choose a replacement from certified judges.

No further proceedings were conducted relating to the election.


______Pam Fuqua________   

Board Chair

DATED this  21st day of February, 2018.

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