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09-14-2022 Meeting

Regular Monthly Meeting Yaak School Board of Trustees
3:45 p.m. on Wednesday, September 14, 2022
At the Yaak School, 29893 Yaak River Rd, Troy, MT 59935
Clerk Office (406) 295-9311

Call Meeting to Order:
Recognition of Visitors:
Approval of minutes: August 17, 2022, Regular Meeting

Continuing Business:

Maintenance Committee Report Technology Committee Report

Old Business:              Update on Foundation Project

Community Garden


New Business:            CIPA Notification

Assign Trustee Classroom Observations Approval of Current Year Substitutes Assignment of Homeless Liaison

Donation of A/C Unit to the Rod and Gun Club

Teacher Report:          Classroom and Playground Rules Approval

Fire and Disaster Drill Schedule State Assessment Report Spaghetti Dinner and Wings Walk September 30th Field Trip Approval

Title IA Art/Music Position Pay Recommendation

Clerk’s Report & Expenditures:

Clerk’s Report

Review of Balanced to Treasures Office July Financials September Expenditures to Date

New Policy First Reading:


2221-School Closure

2335-Health Enhancement

3110-Entrance, Placement, and Transfer 3121-Enrollment and Attendance Records 3121P-Enrollment and Attendance Procedures 3606-Transfer of Student Records

3650-Pupil Online Personal Information Protection

4340-Public Access to District Records 4550-Registered Sex Offenders

5130-Staff Health

5230-Prevention of Disease Transmission 5329-Long-Term Illness-Temporary Disability Leave

5329P-Long Term Illness-Temporary Disability-Maternity Leave Procedure 5333-Holidays


5334P-Vacations Guidelines

5337-Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Public Comment:

Next Meeting:             October 19, 2022



5338-Absence due to illness or injury 5430-Volunteers-Chaperones

5430F – Volunteer Agreement Form

5500-Payment of Wages Upon Termination 5630-Employee Use of Mobile Devices 7110-Budget and Program Planning

7260-Endowments, Gifts, and Investments 7310-Budget Implementation and Execution 7430-Financial Reporting and Audits

7500-Property Records

7510-Capitalization Policy for Fixed Assets 7515-GASB 54

8129 – Chemical Safety

8130-Air Quality Restrictions on Outdoor Activities, Practice and Competition 8131-Indoor Air Quality

8320-Property Damage

8420-District-Wide Asbestos Program 8421-Lead Renovation

8440-Computer Software

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