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Minutes From October 18, 2017 Board Meeting


The regular meeting of the Yaak School Board of Trustees was called to order by Chair Person, Pam Fuqua, at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, at the Yaak School. Pam opened the meeting and stated that the meeting was being recorded.

Trustees Present:           Pam Fuqua, Bonnie Surrell and Helen Carpenter

Others Present:  Diane Downey, District Clerk

Our 8th grade student gave a presentation on a proposal for a skate board park he would like to see happen in the valley. The board gave him suggestions, and he will follow up on them and get back to the board at a future meeting.


The updated paragraph from the August minutes was reviewed and approved. Pam moved that the amended paragraph be accepted as presented. Helen seconded and Bonnie concurred. The minutes from the September 20, 2017 were reviewed. Pam moved that the September minutes be accepted as presented. Helen seconded and Bonnie concurred.

 Maintenance Committee:

  • The trench for curtain drain will be filled in. Diane reviewed the winterization list and asked for additions in case there was anything she missed. Lighting has been installed for the student entrance. Craig has a light he will sell to us if the current light at student entrance is not bright enough.

Technology Committee:

  • Roy suggested we contact Kate Arpin, a local web designer, to get a quote from her. Diane has contacted Kate and is waiting to hear back from her. Go Daddy holds our domain name, and Roy will do whatever we need when website is ready. Rose would like Roy to come up over the winter break to do training on Google for Education and the Chrome Books. She will let us know what date they decide.
  • We may need to replace the battery back-up unit for the smart board. At this time we have bypassed it, as it is not working. Roy can take a look at it when he comes up over winter break.

Curriculum Committee:

  • The committee would like to meet at least four times this year. The plan is to start with science as that is the biggest challenge. Diane passed on the information that Gary Hudson was interested in sitting on the curriculum committee.

Old Business:

  • The newsletter is still in the works. Bonnie volunteered to write something for the trustee section. Pam brought to Diane’s attention that the article spotlighting one of our students was incorrect and portions needed editing. Rose and her staff will choose one student each month to spotlight in the newsletter. This article will focus on a student project that stood out and merits sharing. Helen suggested that Diane report about the progress of the CSIP report.
  • Diane stated that Rose and she were struggling with the CSIP report. The problem stems from lack of information regarding what things were accomplished from last year’s plan. There was discussion about how we could avoid this problem in the future. If the teacher completes the yearend report as required in the contract, this would solve the problem as that report is designed to record accomplishment of the goal set forth in the CSIP for each year. The present teacher is preparing for next year’s report.
  • Rose has chosen December 14th for the Winter Program.

New Business:

  • Fall student count was the first Monday in October. We had eleven students. At this time we have 9 students.
  • Helen and Bonnie will co-chair the curriculum committee. Pam will chair the fundraising committee and Diane will chair the tech committee.
  • Diane reported on the general fund calculation from OPI; if we were to decide to do a budget amendment based on increased enrollment. The calculations would have to be done again if we were to have any change in ANB. She advised we wait to see if the present budget can support the increase. If not, we have until May 31st to petition the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to adopt a resolution for a budget amendment due to an unanticipated enrollment increase. The board advised Diane to wait, and they will revisit this later in the year.
  • Pam asked that the proposed certified staff handbook that was emailed to trustees be reviewed, so they can make any needed changes to it at the November meeting. Pam asked if there was a handbook for classified staff as well. There is and Diane will get it ready for the board’s review when the certified staff book is done.
  • Pam asked if there was anything that needed noting from the teacher. Diane stated that Rose had asked her to let the board know that report cards have gone out to the parents. Brady Selle visited the classroom to observe Rose. Helen reported that the students had sent out thank you notes to all the Harvest Festival volunteers. Helen will be observing Rose on November 7th. The Pastor from the Community Church asked Diane to see if the school would assist in getting out the information about their new children’s group that will be meeting after school. The board decided that it was not comfortable allowing the school to disseminate information for any church affiliated program. The decision was based on the legal ramification of separation of church and state.

Clerk’s Report, Financials & Expenditures:

  • Diane reviewed the grant spread sheets. A new grant was offered this year by the state in association with the ESEA Consolidated grant. We weren’t able to use those funds for the intended purpose however since the funds fell under the flexibility rule we were allowed to shift those funds to Tile IA. This brought the total State funds for Title IA to $11,813.00.  There was some discussion regarding the 2 hours a week that the school is paying the two staff members that are getting the online PASS training to meet the Para Professional Aide requirement. We will continue to pay that 2 hours a week out of the 2016-17 REAP grant funds.
  • The August financials balanced with the Treasurer’s office and were reviewed. Helen moved they be accepted as presented. Bonnie seconded and Pam concurred. September financials balanced with the Treasurer’s office with the exception of a $50.86 difference in the General Fund 101 and Claims Clearing Fund 187. Diane is working with the Treasurer to correct this error. The county is gearing up for tax billing, so this difference will be corrected in the month end process for October. Helen moved they accept the September financials as presented, Bonnie seconded and Pam concurred. October expenditures to date were reviewed.
  • The cataloging of the library into the new system is moving along. Linda is working 7.5 hours each day that she is not in the classroom. We are shooting to have it completed by the time the students return from winter break.
  • Helen asked how Craig’s hours had been effected since the school lost one of the students he was working with. He is now here as an aide for 4.0 hours and his daily custodian hours.
  • Diane fielded questions about funds that will be available to support different needs for curriculum and other things.

Next Regular Meeting:  November 15, 2017 @ 3:30 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by:

Diane Downey, District Clerk







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