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Minutes of the April 17,2019 Board Meeting

The regular meeting of the Yaak School Board of Trustees was called to order by Chairperson, Pam Fuqua, at 3:20 p.m. on Friday, April 17, 2019 at the Yaak School. Pam opened the meeting and stated that the meeting was being recorded.

Trustees Present:      Pam Fuqua, and Sandy Beder-Miller

Others Present:         Diane Downey, District Clerk, Rose Wilson, and Bill Sullivan.


The minutes from the March 21, 2019 board meeting were reviewed. Sandy moved that the March minutes be accepted as presented, Pam concurred.

Maintenance Committee:

  • We have been awarded a grant for 30 gallons of paint from Ace Hardware though Kootenai Drug and Hardware in Troy. Diane asked the coordinator at the store if they would allow us to auction off 10 of the thirty gallons at our schools silent auction this year. She said she would let us know if that was okay. Sabre’ will be stopping at the store and choosing the colors she would like for classroom and teacherage. The 10 gallons for the auction will be white.
  • The decision was made to hire Jared Ladwig to replace the classroom window. His bid was $460.00 dollars and he will replace it while school is out for spring break.
  • Craig will be doing the summer grounds maintenance. We will ask him to fill the ground squirrel holes and do what he can to improve the lawn through seeding and fertilizing.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Pam reported that the plans for the Fair are taking shape we have ten (10) vendors signed up at this time. The organizational meeting will be May 21st; posters will be ready and handed out at that time.

Technology Committee:

  • The filing of the Form 471 missed the deadline; Diane has submitted a request for a waiver for late filing with the FCC. We will know by the end of April if the waiver was granted. When FCC grants the waiver USAC will certify our 471 filing and we will go into the review stage. Pam reported on the outcome of the meeting with Todd regarding the proposal we received from MontanaSky for the lit fiber project. It was the board’s decision to not go forward at this time and work toward a plan for the project that would involve more stakeholders from the community not just the school.

Title IVA funds will be freed up if we discontinue the B.A.S.E.S program. These funds can be used for technology but Diane will have to do an amendment to the grant. She asked for the board to discuss the need for continuing the program as the need for it has changed. Rose stated that the program need has changed as the family that was utilizing it has moved and no long need to have staff available before and after school. As Rose had this topic on her teacher report we moved right into the teachers report.

 Teacher Report:

  • Rose advised the board that we are down to 7 students and feels that she will not need Craig for as many hours as she has. She will advise him of the times she will need him. Rose and Sandy agreed that the B.A.S.E.S. program was not needed any longer. Pam will speak to Craig about the reduction in hours.
  • Rose and Sabre, will be doing an interview with the Montanian and The Western News about her retirement and Sabre’s new appointment.
  • Rose submitted her evaluations for Craig’s two positions.
  • Rendezvous plans are moving forward. We have been asked to provide a green salad for the evening meal and we will need to purchase a few items for the class we have chosen to do on “How to Build a Compass”.
  • Rose and Sabre’ have found a reading program for K-2 called Super Kids. They will let Diane know when they have made a decision. Sandy asked if we had availability to the new online Social Studies. We will not have the online portion in place until just before the new school year starts.
  • Rose and Lynette will be working with Ani to making a wall hanging for the school fair auction.

Old Business:

  • Election was called by acclamation on April 5th. Notices were posted and we will swear in the elected trustees at the May 15th meeting. Carolyn Bennett has said she will come and do the swearing in as the County Superintendent is unable to be here.

New Business:

  • The board decided as Rose will be retiring at the end of this year they will not be doing an evaluation for her. Pam has Diane’s evaluation form and will see that it gets done.
  • Diane reviewed the Health, Dental and Vision plan we will be offering for the 2019-20 SY.
  • The Property and Liability Insurance renewal was reviewed and approved for the 2019-20 SY. The annual premium will be $2,502.00.
  • The board reviewed present wages for all positions. Diane asked that the board consider paying the sub wages as a daily rate as this will solve any complaints about hours worked. The board will revisit wages after the re-organization meeting in May.

Clerk’s Report, Financials & Expenditures:

  • Diane asked the board if they wanted to renew our membership in the MQEC for the upcoming year. As neither Trish nor Sandy really understand what this organization does they will look over the brochure and the board will revisit this next month.
  • Diane presented the General Fund Preliminary Budget spreadsheet. She asked that the board look it over and make any changes they feel are needed.
  • February Financials did not balance with the Treasurer’s office as the correction that was to be made was not made. The school’s books are correct. The February Fund 115 spreadsheet was reviewed and balances with the County Treasurer. March reports have not yet come from the Treasurer. April to date expenditures were reviewed. (see attached reports for detail)

Public Comment: At this time Bill Sullivan needed to go and wanted to voice his concern regarding the speed at which cars go by the school. He feels there is a need for some kind of signage or something to alert the public that this is a school zone. Sandy offered to contact our County Commissioner Jerry Bennett. We will attempt to get this issue resolved.

Policy Review:

Clean updated copies of last month’s reviewed policies were presented to the board for placement in their policy books. They following policies were reviewed.

R 3520 Student Fees, Fines, and Charges, REC 3600 Student Records, REC 3600P Maintenance of School Records Procedure, REC 3600F1 Student Records Notification to Parents, IH 3600PF Student Records Release of Information Log, R 3608 Receipt of Confidential Records, R 3612 District-Provided Access to Electronic Info, Services, Networks, and Discard Policy, and R 3612F Internet Access Conduct Agreement. No changes were needed.

Next Regular Meeting: May 15, 2019 @ 3:30 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:
Diane Downey, District Clerk

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